There's No Such Thing As A Reasonable Price Launch

NASA Flight Controllers

Apollo 11 JSC KSC Flight Control, pre-launch

All these people had to get paid. Even when there wasn’t a launch. Well, to be exact: until the money was spent and there weren’t gonna be any more launches, which was a few years from this photo.

From the new NASA Flickr database.

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4 Responses to There's No Such Thing As A Reasonable Price Launch

  1. Sean says:

    That looks like KSC to me.

  2. Mike Lorrey says:

    Yeah, and SpaceX requires how big a launch crew? Falcon 1 ground crew is 25 and 6 people in mission control.

  3. gravityloss says:

    Ah, meant Florida. I always mix up the center names! This is launch control and not mission control that was in Houston indeed.

  4. gravityloss says:

    Well, it’s a rhetorical statement. I think all this must be remembered from Apollo. It was not a sustainable program, though of course a lot was learned. (Sometimes wrong things were learned)

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