Just Some Music


Well at least the video director can differentiate between the guitarist and bassist, and even between the rhythm and solo guitarists, which is much much better than most live videos. Now if he (or the photographers) could see how the guitarist actually doesn’t play the solo with the back of the guitar’s neck, but on the side with all the strings and frets and fingers, it would be beyond comprehension and a first major feat ever in audiovisual entertainment. I’ve heard that Sibelius was so shy when he was young that he had to play the violin with his back to the audience. These guys don’t have that problem but somehow the photographers and directors still fail to capture the most intense parts, the heart and soul of many songs. Maybe they just don’t understand anything about music – the visual and musical people are put into separate schools early on. I want to see the video where they only show the vocalist’s belly during singing or the drummer in intense closeup in acoustic pieces, where he doesn’t do anything.

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