The Vulnerability of Modern Society

A gunman killed four people today in a shopping centre in Espoo, Finland. Maybe 6 kilometers from here. He then travelled some distance, killed a woman there and finally shot himself.

The gunman was Ibrahim Shkupolli, an Alban refugee from Kosovo who had moved to Finland a long time ago. He was working (and had a BMW car), his parents were living here and he had a wife and kids, though apparently he still had had a long affair with the woman he finally murdered.

What can one do? He didn’t have a gun permit and he had been fined some years earlier for possessing some bullets. He also had a restraint order, had a history of threatening behaviour and had done some small bad things for which he had been fined. None of this is reason of putting a person into prison.

Since modern handguns were invented, it’s been relatively easy for someone determined enough to kill quite many people before being killed.

Finns have lots of guns but this doesn’t have much anything to do with that. They are kept at home and are used for hunting and target shooting, not kept with you as personal defence.

It’s also alarming how the noughties have seen so much mass violence and murdering of innocents: the Myyrmäki bombing, the Jokela and Kauhajoki school shootings and now this. It’s a lot for a small country. Many of my friends could have been there. I’ll probably soon hear from someone who was there.

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  1. Will D. says:

    It’s interesting that you think this has more to do with gun laws then anything else. I perceived it as a terror attack because not only was he a muslim but he had literature about Jihad in his residence. I’d say more but I don’t want to turn this into a polemic about the subject.

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