Twenty Years

Since the Wall fell. And the whole cascading fall of the evil empire was started. Why do humans have to do such horrible things to each other? Create such a sick society? There’s a lot to be improved nowadays too. We have to constantly strive for openness and truth.


I was in Berlin this summer, a very short visit. Last visit was in 1995. It had changed quite a lot. Had a wonderful evening with a friend I had not seen in six years. She as a local took me to all kinds of nice places. Artists working in an abandoned building (some very nice steel plate artwork for sale there by the way, if I was rich and had a huge villa to fill with artwork, I’d shop there), some river boats, the numerous bridges, the weird Potsdamer Platz, and all around architecture and nice parks. I even saw the place where allegedly Döner Kebap was invented. All in all a relaxed and boheme place. Somewhat smelly, yes, but lively.

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