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Jonah Goldberg posts a tired strawman argument in NRO:

Last month, in another study, also released in Science, Oregon State University researchers claimed to settle the debate over what caused and ended the last Ice Age. Increased solar radiation coming from slight changes in the Earth’s rotation, not greenhouse-gas levels, were to blame.

It’s total BS of course, and it has been used to death before. Nobody maintained that CO2 alone ended the ice age – it was a positive feedback (note no link or even some more information about the paper, making it harder to check the original claims).

Here’s an analysis of the basic “but CO2 Lagged” strawman by Coby Beck. Note that it’s from 2006, too. Yet Jonah Goldberg keeps on trotting out this stuff, fakely as news, and people like Rand Simberg keep linking to them. Beware, if you check out the commentary, some really mental stuff going on in there. BBeard and Paul F Dietz are drowned by the ignoramuses. And this is supposed to be a hard nosed space engineer’s blog? Of course, when confronted, he can just say he doesn’t endorse, he just links.

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