I’ve been away for most of the summer so posting and projects have suffered. I could upload some photos if I had a computer that was

1) working
2) had a working card reader
3) connected to the internet with a reasonable connection
4) had some storage space
5) had some photo editor software.

At the moment there has always been something wrong…
I refuse to pay 15 euros for a super simple card reader when I don’t even own a digital camera. The university card readers are all broken (summer leave for IT support and the software starts always acting up). At the summer cottage the internet connection is too slow.

In a sense, it is good that one has life outside the internet, but nowadays computers should be basic appliances that just work and can be used, not fiddled with. One can accomplish so little in a small time online since nothing works right away – one has to spend hours fixing things to a working status before doing anything that there is little time left to do much – write a couple of emails perhaps.

And who wants to see the photos from a trip a half year later? Blah.

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