The Truth Is Losing

I don’t see any way out of this slide into idiocracy anymore. Just a few examples.


Texas Education Board

What happens in the USA usually is copied around the world quite soon. Industry funded think tanks and religious fundamentalists have become experts and the media their uncritical dissemination path to the public. Science and scientists have lost. Nobody is interested in their work anymore. It doesn’t inform public opinion things and hence will not shape policy.

Could someone perhaps found a new state where truth would still have value? That’s probably not possible and wouldn’t help anyway, as practically all phenomena are global nowadays. If you stop poisoning the village well, it won’t help as your neighbours will still keep doing it.


Tamino has the analysis on the counterfactual claims.

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  1. TokyoTom says:

    gravityloss, the way out of the slide into idiocracy and fights over school curricula is to recognize that the fights only take place regarging public schools.

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