Independence Day 91

Yes, it was that time of the year over a week ago, 6th of december. I had a post coming up but it still isn’t ready even if it’s not big or anything. But I’m doing this instead.

16 years back was the 75th anniversary year of Finland. Don’t remember 1992 being so awesome, but it must have been even better being there (I wasn’t, I was quite young still back then, and would likely not have understood the musical genius).


There was depression and vast scale unemployment in the nineties. Self confidence of the whole nation was low. Yet there were these three guys just doing their thing. Like Sami Kuoppamäki says in the video, it’s a great country and we should believe in ourselves. They did. Does it matter that they are not internationally known or promoted by massive record companies? It is certain that many of those who have gotten to know them, have fallen in love. There are special sensations, some kind of shivers that they make happen in people. All can not be shown by words, and that is why music has been invented.

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