Anthropogenic Global Warming and Ice Age

Very shortly: Anthropogenic global warming is a trouble of the current and coming centuries. Ice ages are slower phenomena happening with thousand and tens of thousands of years time scales.

If there will be an ice age 100,000 years from now, it doesn’t remove the problem of global warming in 100 years.

I do not understand what is so hard to grasp about the above, or how it is somehow controversial or worth faffing about that “the scientists can’t make up their minds, first it’s warming now it’s ice age!”.  And that’s being very kind to all the idiotism that is being spewed around the net on the matter. I don’t have time or interest to link to all that.

Frankly, it makes me doubt some people’s mental abilities, if they are unable to understand such simple ideas despite having been taught them numerous times.

Ask in comments if it has not been absolutely clear.

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