TrueZer0 Lunar Lander Challenge Team


Truezero is using metric units (I hear liters mentioned on one video)! That must save a lot of trouble, compare that to Flometrics’ engineering students measuring flow rates at gallons per minute. 🙂 Truezero has a quite different approach otherwise too with careful planning and then construction. Interesting to see how they do. I’m surprised they haven’t hit more snags yet, although of course I know very little of what they have done.

Unreasonable rocket on the other hand has chosen multiple paths with the helicopter prototype for navigation and control, which should save a lot of time and cost. If Truezero tries to do that development with a full blown vehicle and crashes (with only one built), then it might be game over this year for them. Nevermind testing being much slower. On the other hand they seem to have built elaborate software simulation.

Also I should be adding more projects to the link bar…

Thanks to Clark at RLVNews for the heads up!

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