North Pole's Icecap

I will have very little time till the end of month for blogging. This is one short item I wanted to share, having a pre-emptive view on the ensuing blog and media stupidity in a few weeks.

NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice Time Series at 2008-9-7

North Pole’s icecap reached a record small limit (usual caveats) in the summer of 2007. Now, a lot of talk is hanging on whether a new record will be made this year. This is the image to watch. Of course, in reality, it doesn’t matter at all whether some marginal percents are reached or not. The longer term warming is very real, as seen from this picture, in either case. Still, expect some people to claim “the melting has reversed” if a new record is not reached.

On the south side of the globe, there doesn’t seem to be such a trend at least not in august. I don’t know about march then.

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