A More Summery Theme

There have been lots of hawks around this year.

Hopefully get to update the title photo more often in the future. I still don’t own a digital camera, so whenever I get my hands onto one, I take lots of photos.

I also have quite a few film rolls that I haven’t developed yet. Actually a friend gave me some leftover empty rolls she didn’t use as she moved into digital territory, so I’ve been quite well stocked in that department. Consequently the previous moss bloom macro closeup photo was taken by me with her camera.

I’ve been reading lots about aircraft design, and a few other special areas too. It’s nice how much you can learn from books, as compared to the internet. That tends to be forgotten so easily, as the net is so easily available. I suggest everyone hit the library (if you have access to a good technical [or whatever you are interested in] one) every once in a while and check out a bunch of books about your sources of interest. There is a surprising amount of stuff if you know what to look for.

There are a million possible post subjects, some of which will hopefully soon be realized…

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