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I changed the blog title picture. Will see what I invent next, eh. Was out with a friend whose camera I used. 🙂

Also, there was the first snow this winter that stayed more than 24 hours. As well as some sunshine.

The sea hasn’t frozen over really at all this year. There are just some thin ice platelets melancholically clacking together near the shores. Been seing geese (Branta canadensis), swans (Cygnus cygnus) and other waterfowl like Bucephala clangula who didn’t bother leaving for winter. (EDIT: Also, Opera’s linebreaks are still buggy in the wordpress edit box.)

The Space Access 2008 conference is happening in the US at the end of the month. RLV news as well as Selenian Boondocks and many other newspace bloggers will probably give updates. Jon Goff is even chairing a panel on propellant depots.

There are lots of not very widely known ideas in space exploration: propellant depots, tugs, ferries, tethers, Earth-Moon Lagrange point rendezvous (EML2), thrust augmented nozzles and what else. Do they matter a lot or make or break anything? Maybe – maybe not. And how many others there are that I don’t yet know of…

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